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Callaway British Open Tour Staff Bag + 3 Headcovers

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    Callaway Golf

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    Callaway British Open Tour Staff Bag + 3 Headcovers

    "In Scottish folklore, the name of the town to host 2018’s third major championship began as “Craw’s Nestie” or Crow’s Nest. It is said that near the village where the tournament is played was once an extensive wood that crows from far and wide would flock to build their nests. So thick were the crows in the trees that the sky could not be seen between the branches. Some 200 years later, the galleries of golf fans that will line the venues’ historically challenging fairways for the 8th time will surely be as thick. All eyes will be on the Eastern Shores of Scotland in July, for whosoever arises to the challenge to be crowned champion will most certainly require a favorable augury to do so..."


    - 10"-Top
    - 6-fach-Top mit durchgehenden veloursumhüllten Abtrennungen
    - 9 Taschen, inkl. veloursgefütterte Wertsachentasche
    - integriertes Regenschirmfach
    - Perfect-Balance-Bodenplatte
    - Tragegurt bestickt mit "The Craw´s Nestie 2018"
    - Regenhaube
    - Headcovers im passenden Design für Driver, Fairway und Hybrid


    5 kg


    Fächeranzahl (?):( 6-fach Divider
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